Curriculum Information for Visual Arts



Mrs Rebecca Stephenson

Head of Department, teacher of art and textiles

Miss Jo Lilley

Assistant Principal, teacher of art and textiles

Mr Nesbitt

Teacher of art and photography

Mrs Victoria O’Farrell

Teacher of art, Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Lynne Edge

Art technician

As a department we believe that every child has the ability to achieve within the Visual arts and that Art helps to develop pupils’ self-confidence. We nurture pupils’ creative talents by promoting their work through a series of exhibitions and providing them with a valuable skill set which they will use in later life.

Keystage 3

In year seven, eight and nice all pupils are taught art and design for two lessons a week. During these lessons they are taught practical skills alongside creative thinking, problem solving and the ability to critically analyse the art and design work of others.

Class work is supported through targeted homework tasks which are set a minimum of once a fortnight.  Pupils are also given opportunities to improve their literacy skills through formal written evaluations and a variety of starter activities. Work is assessed formally 2 times a term, and pupils are given an opportunity to make improvements in light of their feedback.


Term 1 topic

Term 2 topic

Term 3 topic

7 - Baseline

Basic skills – drawing from observation, colour work, analysing the work of other artists.


Imaginative sculpture- developing skills in designing from imagination, transforming 2D designs into 3D work.

Formal elements – line, tone, colour and form. Practical work to show understanding alongside the study of relevant artists and their work.


Drawing from observation and still life.

Landscape – pupils study the traditions of landscape and use traditional and more contemporary methods to create their own landscape.


Environment - Pupils focus on creating accurate drawings through perspective and grid studies

Identity - Pupils create practical work based on portraits which provides a portfolio of work for GCSE.

Keystage 4

Key Stage 4 - Art and Design

Pupils in KS4 study GCSE ART and Design through the AQA syllabus. They can take the general art and design, or specialise in Textiles or Photography. All courses are assessed through a portfolio of work, worth 60% of their grade and an externally set task which is worth the remaining 40%. All work created in lesson and at home could form part of the portfolio of work.

The syllabus can be found at:



Term 1 topic

Term 2 topic

Term 3 topic

10 Art

My world revolves around 

-Project explore their identity and artists’ which have created work in response

-Pupils explore a range of painting and drawing techniques to explore their ideas

Architecture - Drawing, painting, mixed media and 3D.

11 Art

Architecture - Drawing, painting, mixed media and 3D.

External exam

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Extra-curricular activities

Pupils can use the departments computers and facilities on the following days:

Monday: Year 7 – Lunch time for Ks4

Tuesday: Year 8 – Lunch time l for Ks4

Wednesday: Year 9 – Lunch time  for Ks4

Thursday: Closed at lunch, after school for Ks4

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