“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language that goes to his heart.”

Nelson Mandela. 




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Our Intent:

In Modern Foreign Languages at Central Lancaster High School, our aim is for pupils: 

  • To become confident and resilient learners who value the studying of a foreign language and rise to the challenge.  
  • To understand how language skills can help you secure a place in today’s competitive job market and global community. 
  • To look outside of their own community and be accepting of other cultures. 
  • To aspire to become exceptional linguists.  

At Key Stage 3 we will:  

  • Build routines to embed solid grammatical foundations.  
  • Promote spontaneous use of French. 
  • Actively practise the skills of writing, speaking, reading and listening and promote high levels of literacy.  
  • Develop strategies to memorise and manipulate language effectively to support progress over time.  
  • Learn to express our thoughts with increased confidence.  

At Key Stage 4 we will:  

  • Deepen our knowledge and application of grammar. 
  • Widen our range of vocabulary and language structures.  
  • Revisit high frequency vocabulary and ensure this knowledge is stored in long-term memory.  
  • Practise a range of GCSE style questions in speaking, writing, reading and listening to ensure pipils are well prepared for their GCSE examinations.


View Modern Foreign Languages Curriculum - Roadmap Overview


KS3 overview of units:

  Term 1 Topics Term 2 Topics Term 3 Topics Detailed Overview

Curriculum Roadmap

Year 7 Introducing yourself
My family
Describing myself and others around me
Free time: sports and hobbies
Expressing opinions
Learning about mobile technology 
Food and drinks
Ordering food and drinks from a café
View Document View Document
Year 8 My school My home and daily routine My town  View Document View Document
Year 9 Holidays Education and career  Healthy living  View Document View Document












Parents / carers can best support pupils by:

  • Quizzing pupils when vocabulary learning homework has been set. 
  • Helping pupils practise their French spellings from memory.
  • Speaking positively about the values of learning a foreign language. 
  • Looking through pupils’ books and ask them what they have studied.


Key Stage 4:

Specification: https://www.eduqas.co.uk/media/0gqg4xeh/eduqas-gcse-french-spec-from-2016-e.pdf

  Term 1 Topics Term 2 Topics Term 3 Topics
Year 10 Self and relationships 
Festivals and celebrations 
Holidays and tourism 
Environment and social issues
Local areas of interest  
School/ College studies 
Future studies 
Year 11 Skills and personal qualities 
Career plans 
Work experience and part-time jobs 
Technology and social media 
Health and fitness 
Food and drinks 
GCSE preparation- retrieval/ practice papers










Paper 1 Speaking 7-9 minutes- Foundation
10-12 minutes- Higher
Paper 2 Listening 35 minutes-Foundation
45 minutes-Higher
Paper 3 Reading 1 hour- Foundation
1 hour 15 - Higher
Paper 4 Writing 1 hour 15- Foundation
1 hour 30- Higher








Parents / carers can best support pupils by: 

  • Helping pupils practise their conversation tasks.
  • Purchasing a mini whiteboard to help pupils practise their French spellings and regularly quiz them to aid recall. 

Additional materials to support study and revision:

Resource Link
GCSE Pod  https://www.gcsepod.com
Quizlet https://quizlet.com/en-gb
Carousel https://www.carousel-learning.com
Word Reference http://www.wordreference.com
Memrise http://memrise.com
Linguascope http://www.linguascope.com
Kahoot  https://kahoot.it/#/
Eduqas- resources  http://www.eduqas.co.uk/qualifications/french/gcse/
TaskMagic free software installation  http://www.mdlsoft.co.uk/downloads_homeuse.php
CGP Grammar revision book for French CGP Grammar revision book for French
CGP French translation workbook CGP French translation workbook
CGP French GCSE Exam Practice workbook CGP French GCSE Exam Practice workbook
CGP complete revision book with tasks CGP complete revision book with tasks















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