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Our Intent:

Religious Education

In RE at Central Lancaster High School we are committed to instilling a respect for beliefs and practices within different faiths as well as a love of the debate that takes place when studying different ideas to one’s own. Our inquiry based curriculum aims to broaden our student’s world view by introducing them to the exploration of religion and helping them to recognise the contribution spirituality plays in many people’s lives within our local, national and global community. By doing this, we enable them to critically reflect on their own attitudes and address myths, misconceptions and stereotypes along the way. Over the duration of their religious education at CLHS students will focus on three key skill areas;

AO1 - Knowledge and understanding of religious belief and practices as well as the influence this has over an individual’s actions and attitudes. 
AO2 - Evaluation of religious beliefs and practices leading to a reflective, well-considered, reasoned conclusion of personal opinion and analysis of religious teachings, texts and sources of authority.

These cross-curricular skills will be the basis of their religious education from KS3 through to KS4. In Year 7 students study Christianity and Islam as these religions represent the two largest faiths found in our local community. Because our GCSE students study Buddhism as their second focus, we also study this faith system from Year 7 as well. 

During Year 8 & 9, pupils begin their GCSE studies. This gives students the opportunity to explore the other major world faiths by applying these beliefs and practices to moral issues such as The Problem of Evil and Suffering, Crime and Punishment and Family and Relationships.

Personal Social Health Education (PSHE).

In Personal Social Health Education at Central Lancaster High School our goal is to equip all pupils with the relevant skills they need for life outside the classroom. PSHE offers the pupils the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge to keep young people safe and healthy. In our curriculum we endeavour to build personal resilience and through honest, open and relevant schemes of work, we aim to empower our pupils to make informed thoughtful and well considered choices when presented with the many challenges young people face in the modern age.

In each year pupils will focus on age appropriate topics linked to the theme of health and wellbeing, personal safety and personal development. These topics include Sexual Respect and the Law, Healthy Relationships and Mental Health and Wellbeing. These units provide the basis for the lifelong learning that our pupils will utilise beyond the classroom. Additionally, we are proud to teach an LGBT inclusive PSHE curriculum and cover many issues aimed at supporting our LGBT students, parents and local community. 
Personal and Social Development

In Personal and Social Development at Central Lancaster High School a combination of RE, Citizenship and Personal, Social, Health Education taught at Key Stage 4. This subject offers pupils the opportunity to develop their understanding of moral, social and personal issues that may affect them.  PSD builds on the knowledge and skills gained in Key Stage 3 with the goal of further preparing pupils for life outside the classroom.

This includes developing a passion for embracing different cultural and religious beliefs, making considered choices about their health and wellbeing and being active and positive members of their community. PSD topics are more mature in their nature but are carefully selected to reflect relevant concerns faced by young people both locally and nationally. Through PSD we continue to empower our pupils to make informed and thoughtful decisions when they leave our care and enter the adult world.    

  • In Year 10 students will focus on British Values, Exploitation and Sexual Consent and the Law.  
  • In Year 11 students will learn more about Mental Illness, Stress Management and Extremism and Radicalisation. 


KS3 overview of RE units:

  Term 1 Topics Term 2 Topics Term 3 Topics
Year 7 Beliefs and Practices: Introduction to RE Beliefs and Practices: Christianity Beliefs and Practices: Islam
Year 8 Beliefs and Practices: Buddhism  Beliefs and Practices: Religious Attitudes to Evil and Suffering Beliefs and Practices: 
Life After Death
Year 9 Thematic Studies: Religious Attitudes to Crime and Punishment Thematic Studies: 
Religious Attitudes to Sex and Relationships
Thematic Studies: 
Religious Attitudes to Human Rights and Social Justice


Parents / carers can best support pupils by: Regularly talking about current events relating to faith, belief, moral issues and religion. Stories like this are always in the news and striking up a conversation over the dinner table with your child can be a great way to help them develop their ability to express their views and reflect on contrasting views to their own.


KS3 overview of PSHE units:

  Term 1 Topics Term 2 Topics Term 3 Topics
Year 7 Health: You and Your Mental Health Sex and Relationships: Puberty Managing Risk: Online Safety
Year 8 Sex and Relationships: Sexuality and Gender Sex and Relationships: Healthy Relationships Health: Healthy Lifestyles and Self Care
Year 9 Sex and Relationships: Sexual Health  Careers Education Managing Risk: Risky Behaviour






Key Stage 4:

At KS4 pupils have 1 lesson per fortnight called Personal and Social Development. This topic combines key aspects of Citizenship, PSHE and Religious Education. 

  Term 1 Topics Term 2 Topics Term 3 Topics
Year 10 Citizenship and RE: British Values Sex and Relationships: Sexual Safety and the Law Managing Risk: Exploitation
Year 11 Citizenship and RE: Extremism and Radicalisation  Health: Mental Illness and Managing Risk Study Support






Additional materials to support study and revision:

Resource Link
Newsround – current events
BBC Bitesize – RE revision resources
BBC Religion – RE revision resources
Brooke – Health, Sex and Relationship resources and advice
Frank  - Drug and Addiction Resources












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