"Reading isn’t important because it helps to get you a job. It’s important because it gives you room to exist beyond the reality you’re given."

Matt Haig



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Our Intent:

In English at Central Lancaster High School pupil's will study a rich range of texts and genres that will excite, challenge, and inspire, our aim is to provide pupils with the skills and knowledge to enable them to develop their own voice.  A voice to reflect on and evaluate their own and others’ viewpoints and perspectives.   A voice that is creative and communicates their ideas in a purposeful and effective way.   A voice to influence others and empower their future selves.   

Throughout KS3, pupils will explore language in its many forms. They will learn to question the world around them, discover how the past has shaped our lives and uncover how other cultures and traditions address diversity.  By the end of KS4, pupils will become independent, analytical thinkers, confident and creative writers, as well as resilient and reflective communicators.   They will gain the skills to become confident, life-long readers, effective and technically accurate writers, and assured speakers. 

From canonical classics to modern masterpieces, we strive to foster an enthusiasm for reading.  Our passion and love for literature aims to encourage pupils to become inquisitive whilst having a thirst for knowledge that will stay with them throughout their academic careers and beyond.


KS3 overview of units:

  Term 1 Topics Term 2 Topics Term 3 Topics
Year 7

Writing for a purpose: autobiographical writing.

Richard III

Exploration of gothic fiction

Nature poetry

Studying modern fiction

Writing to persuade

Year 8

Moral Tales

Poetry from other cultures

Post 1914 fiction

Controversial issues of the 21st century

Writing to present a viewpoint: travel writing

Romeo and Juliet

Year 9

Writing short-form fiction


Reading and writing nonfiction

War poetry

Contemporary drama



Parents / carers can best support pupils by: Encouraging reading of fiction and nonfiction by reading at home and talking about what has been read. Looking through pupils' books and talking about work completed is also helpful.


Key Stage 4: 

Eduqas English Language and Literature:  

Web link to specification: 




  Term 1 Topics Term 2 Topics Term 3 Topics
Year 10

Language: nonfiction writing and reading 19th century nonfiction 

Literature: poetry and A Christmas Carol 

Language: reading 20th century fiction and prose writing 

Literature: A Christmas Carol and An Inspector Calls 

Language: nonfiction writing and comparing 19th and 21st century nonfiction 

Literature: An Inspector Calls and Macbeth

Year 11

Language: comparing 19th and 21st century nonfiction and nonfiction writing 

Literature: A Christmas Carol  and unseen poetry

Language: prose writing and reading 20th century fiction 

Literature: Macbeth and An Inspector Calls 

Language: preparation for exams 

Literature: preparation for exams 













Paper 1 Language Component 1 (fiction reading and writing)  1 hour 45 minutes  40% of qualification  

Paper 2 

Language Component 2 (nonfiction reading and writing) 

2 hours 

60% of qualification 

Paper 3 

Literature Component 1 (Macbeth and anthology poetry) 

2 hours 

40 % of qualification 

Paper 4 

Literature Component 2 (An Inspector Calls, A Christmas Carol and unseen poetry) 

2 hours 30 minutes 

60 % of qualification 









Parents / carers can best support pupils by: Reading set texts with pupils and discussing them, which could include using audiobooks or film versions. Asking pupils about what they are studying and what they need to revise is also useful as it helps them to think about the subject and their needs. 


Additional materials to support study and revision:

Resource Link

Language Component 1 guide 

Link to pdf 

Language Component 2 guide 

Link to pdf 

Transactional writing guide 

Link to pdf 

Literature Component 1 guide 

Link to pdf 

Literature Component 2 guide 

Link to pdf 

Anthology poetry guide 

Link to pdf 

Aiming for 7-9 in English 

Link to pdf 

CGP Eduqas English Language  complete revision and practice 


CGP text guides, workbooks and revision cards 




No Fear Shakespeare 





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