Exam Information

Our aim is to prepare pupils fully for exams so that they can demonstrate their knowledge and skills. As part of this we have mock examinations in year 10, and twice in year 11 (November and February). This page contains official exam policies and other advice and guidance to prepare pupils.

Equipment for exams: 

  • All pupils must have a clear pencil case which contains:
  • 2 x pens with black ink – rollerball pens are recommended as they require less downward pressure to use (which makes a huge difference after 2.5 hours!)
  • 2 x HB pencils and sharpener
  • 1 x maths set (taken out of any tin it may have been stored in) including ruler, protractor & maths compasses
  • 1 x scientific calculator (Casio FX83GTX) – for all science papers, maths calculator papers and geography exams.
  • Set of coloured pencils for Design & Technology exams.
  • Highlighter pen – multiple colours optional
  • Bottle of STILL water – in a clear bottle with the label removed.

If buying online please search for ‘Helix Oxford maths set’ and ‘Casio FX83GTX’. These are all very reasonably priced and meet the exam regulations.

Examinations Policies

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