The content in this area of the website provides guidance on helping you and your children navigate the Internet safely; much of the content is reproduced from leading Internet security companies. Also on this page are the schools ICT Usage Policies.  A link is provided below to the `Free` version of Microsoft`s  Anti-Virus software, AVG Anti-Virus software and Sophos's Virus removal tool.

Acceptable ICT Policies:

Student Acceptable Usage Policy

Parent Acceptable Usage Policy

Online Safety and Radicalisation:

PREVENT - Online radicalisation - Parent/guardian information and support

Online Safety

Facebook is a popular social networking site allowing millions of people to communicate through it. This brings risks to your safety and that of others; for advice on how to protect yourself and others click the Facebook picture.

Twitter is a popular blogging site allowing millions of people to tag interests and find other tags or post short messages known as Tweets. This is a very open platform allowing harmful content to be widely distributed or specifically targeted. To protect yourself and others click the Twitter picture.

The sites below are specifically aimed at young people and also provide guidance, help and support for parents and carers

VODAFONE Digital Parenting

The Vodafone website below has valuable information for parents on e-safety.

Security Free Anti-Virus

AVG Free Antivirus - Free antivirus with advertisements, limited free trial of internet security.

Sophos Virus Removal Tool


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