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Principal's letter to parents of year 6 pupils 

Principal's letter to parents of year 6 pupils - July 2020

Hello Year 6!

We are really looking forward to meeting you – right now we don’t know when that will be. Keep in touch with us on social media and our website to keep up to date with everything we are doing to get to know you and information that is being sent out to your families.

Virtual Transition Day: Tuesday 7th July - a series of transition day videos will be live on our website with the chance to ask us any questions you have.

Year 6 Welcome Video

Pupil information form; -->LINK<--

To be completed, by parents, by 1st July. Alternatively you can return the paper copy to us by 1st July. Please hand these in at school’s reception. There is a copy in your information pack (to be sent out 8th June)

Year 6 parent information;-->LINK<--

These details allow us to contact you for a short transition chat and we can answer any questions you may have.

Year 6 task;-->CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD<--

Please download and ask your child to complete their Covid-19 Lockdown Journal for our time capsule activity when we re-open.

Please contact if you have any questions or need assistance with any of the above.

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