Virtual Open Evening

Welcome to our Virtual Open Evening.

We’re doing things a little bit differently this year.

So you can find out all about our school, how we do things and what we do, we have produced a short series of films for you to enjoy, that we hope provides you with everything you need to decide that this is the right school for you.

At Central Lancaster High School we pride ourselves on providing excellent support to pupils so that they receive the very best of all things during their time with us. It’s our duty to see that we meet the needs of all pupils, be that emotionally, academically, pastorally or extra-curricular, and it’s a duty we take very seriously.

Here’s our Principal Dr Nick Walmsley to warmly welcome you to Central Lancaster High School.



Through the study of a rich range of texts and genres that will excite, challenge, and inspire, our aim is to provide students with the skills and knowledge to enable them to develop their own voice. A voice to reflect on and evaluate their own and others’ viewpoints and perspectives. A voice that is creative and communicates their ideas in a purposeful and effective way. A voice to influence others and empower their future selves.

Our passion and love for literature aims to encourage students to become inquisitive, whilst having a thirst for knowledge that will stay with them throughout their academic careers and beyond.

Our Head of English, Mrs Smith explains more;

For more information about our English curriculum;  CLHS English Curriculum



Mathematics at Central Lancaster High School enables pupils to develop their reasoning and problem-solving skills - becoming analytical thinkers of the future, enabling them transfer these skills to their adult lives.

Our vision for our pupils is for them to become independent, curious learners who show resilience when faced with challenges. To be organised young people who are able to meet the demands of everyday life through the analysis and understanding of the mathematical world.

Miss Price, Head of Mathematics believes that if a child is shown the practicalities of numbers, the possibilities for pupils to succeed becomes infinite.

For more information about our Mathematics curriculum;  Mathematics Curriculum



The study of Science enables the students to engage with an ever advancing world. Our aim is to make Science relevant and accessible to all. With this in mind we make science relevant by linking the learning in lessons to a wide variety of every day scenarios and future careers.

Head of Science, Mrs Middleton explains the ambition we have for our students

Our Science curriculum - Science Curriculum



A vital range of skills required in the modern world.

Computing at Central Lancaster High School enables pupils to develop their analytical, problem-solving and design skills to become creators of the future and responsible digital citizens. Our teaching is designed to allow opportunities for all pupils to develop their capability, creativity and knowledge in computer science, digital media and information technology.

Our vision is for our pupils to be able to be successful in the modern world by being able to work collaboratively or independently to complete project briefs based on client requirements. They will be capable of working towards deadlines, being organised, have self-reflection and improvement through new challenges brought on through the ever changing digital world.

Mr Rubery inspires pupils to be curious, brave and optimistic…..

Further information on our Computing curriculum can be found here - Computing Curriculum



The History Department is committed to instilling young people with a passion for the wider world, using the study of the past to show how it influences our present and will shape our future.

Mr Johnstone Head of the History explains how we share our passion and joy of history to develop in pupils a lifelong interest in the subject.

Our curriculum is designed to develop resilience and persistence, so that students think about problems and how to overcome them. Overall, we aim to instill a lifelong love of history and an understanding of its relevance and importance. More Information: History Curriculum



We seek to develop aspiring geographers into tomorrow’s global citizens, who will help to shape our future on Earth. Our pupils will begin to understand the physical and human processes that form our world and how these are interconnected and constantly change over time.

Mr Moorby Head of Geography explains why Geography is one of the most exciting and valuable subjects to study.

Further Geography Curriculum details can be found here: Geography Curriculum


Modern Foreign Languages

Our aim is for students is to become emotionally intelligent, confident and resilient global citizens with language skills which will enable them to secure a place in today’s competitive, international job market.

We do this by developing speaking, listening, reading and writing skills over a range of topics in order to achieve the highest academic outcomes.

Miss Morel, Head of the Modern Foreign Languages department explains more here

Modern Foreign Languages curriculum: MFC Curriculum Details


Performance Arts

We believe that every child has ability in the performing arts. We look to harness that creativity and provide amazing performance opportunities to build confidence within the studio environment which is cultivated through our performance calendar.

Our vision is for our pupils to develop skills that they can use, not only with in their performing arts lessons, but also as skills beyond the classroom, the world of work and the wider world. 

Mrs Crossman, Head of Performance which includes Dance, Drama, Music & PE explains how we encourage pupils to find and develop their skills.

For further information on our Performance curriculum is here: Performing Arts Curriculum


Visual Arts

As a department we believe that every child has the ability to achieve within the Visual arts and that Art helps to develop pupils’ self-confidence. We nurture pupils’ creative talents by promoting their work through a series of exhibitions and providing them with a valuable skill set which they will use in later life.

Mrs Stephenson, Head of our Visual Arts department explains more…….

Visual Arts Curriculum overview can be found here: Visual Arts Curriculum



Design & Technology at Central Lancaster High School allows pupils to appreciate the whole process of designing, making and evaluating products in the Design, Engineering, Hospitality and Catering industries. 

The two courses we deliver provide instruction of safe operation of equipment in those environments, theoretical study of materials and processes, and experience of meeting client needs, independent research and both traditional and modern means of production.

Mr Williams, design and technology teacher looks to create resourceful, confident and capable pupils by drawing down knowledge from many other subjects, Arts, Science & Engineering to name a few.

Further information on the Design and Technology Curriculum can be found here: Design & Technology Curriculum


We hope you enjoyed our Virtual Open Evening.

If you require any further information then please do get in touch or Tel: 01524 32636

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